Lightyears in Stasis

from by Ethan Holbrook

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You, you, you, you, you

I saw your signal and caught the trace
Erase it they said, knowing what I'd do
Enough fuel in a ship to go lightyears away
But I knew I'd have to wait
For waves of change to set the stage
A shifting of worlds or my drifting through age,
Some colossal disaster reverberates through space
I will still answer your call, though that signal's since lost
I wrote it down on an ancient paper page
But when I arrive, and there's no sign I will,
I'm realizing I won't know what to say

My brain is in this basket
With your coordinates locked in
Third moon is on the rise and I
Begin to sink below my strange subconscious

In circles
Change forms
Crystal groves and

Don't calculate the difference using molecules and mass
It's this planetary distance that might make us burn too fast
Even with precision know that everything might change
Your orbit's an ellipse and you don't want to disengage
So with all these systems that are keeping me in place
If this world wasn't an issue, we could return to distant space
Don't bother writing down the year, it's just like sleep, the stars are near
Though words are pointless, there's something I should say
What could I ask her?


from The Immateriate, released January 9, 2016




Ethan Holbrook Boston, Massachusetts

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