The Elder

from by Ethan Holbrook

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"Do you ever dream of forever?" he said
Sitting in his chamber
With ocean overhead
He was a grey and wizened man
With robes of ivory cotton
My rage was glowing red

I asked and he answered with infinite tact
Where did that train take me?
Am I far from the tracks?
The last I remember is ocean spray foam
And the mutter of gullsong lasting moments days long

He said, "I am the Elder here,
But I'm only in your mind,
I'd like to make that clear
You've disturbed a brittle force
You turned your world inside
And mapped a tangled course
You endured a troubled past
But the future will be worse,
If you don't learn to make the moment last"

"I'll teach you a trick to prevent the insane
Thoughts that would squander
The worth of your brain
The past and the present and future are one
You'll travel between them,
Ignite and extinguish the sun"

"A blackening mirror's still showing your face
You were never lost,
You had just been misplaced
So now let the sunlight collect in your eyes
You'll precede your birth,
And live past the length of your life"

"So carry on
Carry on
Try to remember the things that you see
Will never be real unlike what you believe
So go to the future, have a journey through space,
Or open your eyes and exist day to day"


from The Immateriate, released January 9, 2016




Ethan Holbrook Boston, Massachusetts

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