The Elephant

from by Ethan Holbrook

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Red leaf season
There's an Elephant in my room
And he wants to see what is on TV
Wants to watch it in the gloom
Maybe I'll go out
Try to change myself since the last time failed
But he says "yeah right, fuck you!"
Days begin to drag
Did an hour pass? When did night come back?
Hard to tell inside this tomb
Throw the curtains wide
Thought I missed daylight,
Thought I missed the sky
But the Elephant told the truth

So why did I decide to break the mold
To care at all which foot fell first?
Since I met you by that streetlight, I have reversed
Everything I thought made me the man
With whom you'd share the sky above
But my new friend made me a monster
With eyes as dark as a heart in love

"It's time that you and I sat down and talked"
You're the Earth writ small or a pearl writ large
"There's something else I think you know I want"
But how could I ever not see you girl?
"Give it time enough and things might change"
Could you repeat that thing I just heard you say?

I'll undo my mistakes with a journey through your brain


from The Immateriate, track released November 29, 2015




Ethan Holbrook Boston, Massachusetts

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