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There you go, you're back to this role
You know I've got to move myself forwards
(But what it takes to make the sun fall from the sky)
Thoughts won't flow, this viscous mind drones
You've got me riding your palm print
(Restore the moon his rightful claim upon the night)

It's always been tradition
If something's wrong or something's missing
Check your head and check your wallet
'Cause the answer might be there
My subconscious seems to want this
Seems to need to feel this darkness
I told her in the moment that the dawn might never come
For the first time in a minute
I could see her start to get it
I could see her understand that I'd been left out for the bears
Though I'm comfortable in warmer weather,
Rain and snow they go together with the way I think
The way I like to be alone
(With the way I think, the way I like to be alone)
But instead of shutting down again
Instead of terming me a friend
She opened up her heart, I felt that love begin to flow
Then I knew that's what I needed
All these times I'd tried to read into it
Caused me to forget that we'd been equals all along
This notion I'd been pouring into all of my exploring with you
Taught me that the problem wasn't me and wasn't you
It was ignorance, indifference, and only ever listening
To calendars and clocks when all their answers were dead wrong
(To calendars and clocks when all their answers were dead wrong)
To calendars and clocks when all their answers were dead wrong

I was left with seasons
As a million moments scrolled within eyesight
It's time to say hello again, to greet you every day
My mind had left the scene
Let it roll, could you be patient with me?
You were the one there when time broke down
When the world cracked through and our dreams leaked out
But you took that pain away
Taught me not to chase today
Now we tear through town with the sound all around
And the notes and the words keep the worst things down
It's time to get to know you, let that glow become my own
You know I'm thrown

We took a single car home
Through the window tint did I glimpse first snow?
I can see your face in the edge of my eye
Is it time to speak my mind?
I know you wanna let things change at their own damn pace
Let the future come once the past's in place
But moments quite like this one only come once in a while
Still you've got the sun up in the sky in the middle of the night
And I can see by the look in your eyes it's still not the right time
So can you see this theme
Born in streetlight beam
Can you please give me a sign?
'Cause I've been waiting long enough and now it's


from The Immateriate, released January 9, 2016




Ethan Holbrook Boston, Massachusetts

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