Time Difference

from by Ethan Holbrook

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Time means nothing when your brain is bled
Is my memory unfolding inside of your head?
Though nothing looks different, as strange as it seems
I conclude that I must be insane
It's night in the city but why am I here?
The chain links that locked my mind have disappeared
So what could be better than swimming in chronological decay?
Today is yesterday

Every time I see you here
Your smile seems to disappear
Your shadow starts to fade
Like a ghost of yesterday
Are you standing next to me
Or have you left for a while?
Were you here preemptively
For something I have yet to see?

I'm lost in this place
That seems familiar
As it was, were, is, will be someday

Time divided difference
Beneath all of the city's insolence
The dissidents go punished for
Crimes that have yet to happen
Or all in all were no one's fault
Their cause was lost to time

So what was I doing here?
Who was I chasing?

I feel like I'm floating, like I don't exist
There's no use for reason inside of this twist
Though I won't admit it,
I think that everything that I've learned
Will be so sorely missed
It's night in the city but why am I here?
The cracks in the pavement all start to appear
Psychotic time difference, I'm in the midst of this
Year after year, enter a new frontier

To the station
Dim the lights
For every day, a thousand nights
On the way we jump the rails
But my vision splits, we hold the trail
Is what I see what happened though?
This moment's now an hour old
Dissonance controls my mind
Monochroma, black and white
Where could they be taking me?
On this train that rolls beneath the sea
To another void with pain inside?
Or that rocky cove where I can hide?
Show me what it means to be
You when you lock eyes with me
Or rightly call me hypocrite
To try to change you to make me fit
That's what seems to happen though
Every time I get this close
There's something fucked inside of me
Something I want you to see


from The Immateriate, released January 9, 2016




Ethan Holbrook Boston, Massachusetts

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